Little Haven

Sharon’s Note: I am so excited to see if you guys like this. If the Multiple Choice Story format works out, I would love to do more of them. Anywho, enjoy exploring the creepy town of Little Haven with Lizzie. Warning: Behind some doors is (bum bum bum bum) certain death! Ooooooh!

New job, new apartment, new life. A fresh start. I could be anyone I wanted and no one needed to know who I used to be. This was my mantra as I drove into town. It was a nice enough looking town. Most small towns you drove through looked like they were either dying or matasticising, filled up with closed store fronts or over stuffed with new, chain businesses. This town looked like it was frozen in the sixties. A couple of the more prolific chains had wormed their way in, but most of the businesses looked local. 

I found the address for my new apartment, and was confused. It wasn’t an apartment, but some kind of duplex. I’d only seen pictures of the inside of the apartment because I’d rented it through a realtor. I called her to ask what was going on.

“Oh yeah, Lizzie, honey. Sorry about the mix up. I thought I called you about it. Silly me, guess I forgot.” She giggled. I really hated when she did that. It was weird. “There was a misunderstanding over the apartment. You can’t move in until next week, but not to worry! I found you this cozy little place to stay for the same price. If you don’t like it, you can move into the apartment at the end of the month.”

“This isn’t what we agreed to.” 

“No, but there’s nothing I can do about it until next week. It’s the duplex, or a hotel for a week. Take a look at the house.” The realtor urged. “It’s the right hand door, the key is in one of those keypad locks. The code is 1234. If you don’t like the place, let me know, and I’ll make you a reservation at the local hotel.”

“Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll take a look.”

I hung up and got out of the car, leaving my boxes inside. The duplex house didn’t look particularly welcoming. It was a narrow, two story buiding with dark green siding and a dark gray roof. Someone was watching me from the upstairs window of the left hand unit, but the setting sun was reflected in the window, and I couldn’t see them clearly. I ignored my observer and pushed on to check out my possible new home. 

The front door opened onto a little hallway. I flicked the light switch a couple of times, but nothing happened. I sighed again, and pulled out my phone. The flashlight revealed dark wallpaper in the hall. There was an archway to my right and stairs straight ahead. I peered through the arch to see a neat little living room. I flicked the light on, and this time it flickered to life. I explored the bottom floor, which had a tiny kitchen and a tiny laundry room and an almost too small to use half bath. It was nicer than the tiny apartment that I had been promised, and that made me wonder what was wrong with it that it was the same price. 

As if on cue, there was a soft clunck from upstairs. I frowned at the ceiling. It was probably rats in the walls or something like that. I went upstairs and found a nice sized full bath, a large closet, and a bedroom the same size as the livingroom. On the bed was a large plate of chocolate chip cookies with a note. In pretty cursive was written:

Welcome you to my lovely house. I hope you will find happiness here and that we may become good friends. Please my enjoy these cookies, and I hope to greet you tomorrow. – Lorena

I picked up one of the cookies. They were still warm. Something caught my eye, and I looked at the window. My breath hitched as a face peered in through the dark glass at me, then in a flash it was gone. I ran up and opened the window. It swung out into the dusk and I saw there was no one there. There wasn’t even a way from someone to stand outside the window. It must have just been my reflextion. 

I set the cookie down and called my realtor. When she answered I told her:

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