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The Witcher Man Series

The urban fantasy adventures of the Witcher Man, a smart ass magical detective who is sometimes the last hope for humans and monsters alike.

Hard Hunting Series

In these urban fantasy adventures, we follow Joy and the other wounded monster hunters of Hearth as they continue their mission to protect humanity, any way they can.


Various articles sharing lessons we’ve learned on our writing journey.

Poetry A collection of the poems of James and Sharon Gray, ranging from the epic to the horrifying.

Carnival Girl A teenage boy meets a peculiar girl who drags him into an adventure to face an evil carnival. If YA romances were aimed at boys.

One Life Time The lifelong story of a girl who moves in next-door to a vampire. Because the world needs more wholesome vampire stories.

Nightmare Redacted– A girl wakes up with no memories of the previous weekend, and with the help of her friend, tries to discover what happened. The resulting horror has its roots firmly in the worlds of creepy pasta and SCP.

Liminal Spaces An atmospheric horror story exploring the secrets of an abandoned hospital.

Good Boy A werewolf romance that explores the true meaning of the word “Alpha”.

Trials of Marrying a Vampire– Urban Fantasy short stories that answer the question, what if the romance between a vampire and a human resulted in a healthy well-adjusted relationship.

Project: Golem– A collection of sci-fi stories of a future world where heroes piloting giant mechs rule the battlefield, and partnered with AI, fight for King and country.

By the Woods A collection of stories about Molly and the magical, shapeshifting boy she rescues.

Miscellaneous Stories and Collections– A variety of stories from every genre.

Guest Author StoriesWe love our guest authors! Come, see the stories they’ve shared with us. Contact us if you’re interested in being a guest.

You Direct the Story– This is a series of adventures where you vote each week on the protagonist’s actions. These are currently on hold, but with enough interest, we will absolutely bring them back.

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