Little Haven: Stay in the House

Sharon’s Note: You chose to stay in the house your realtor chose for you. Let’s see how this works out. Make sure to hit the vote button after you select your choice so your vote counts!

“Everything looks ok. I guess I’ll stay here for now.” I sighed.

“Excellent!” The realtor gushed. “If there are any problems, Ms. Dantas, the landlady, lives right next door.”

“Is her first name Lorena?” I picked up the note on the bed again.

“Yes! Such a lovely woman. Now good luck dear. If you still want to move into the apartment at the end of the month, please give me a call. Bye bye.” Before I could say anything, she hung up. I frowned at the phone. I’d think I’d need to get a different realtor, but she was the only one in town. Oh well.

I grabbed my overnight bag from the car and left the rest for the morning. Taking advantage of the land lady’s welcoming gesture, I climbed into the bed with the plate of cookies and a bottle of water left over from my road trip. That was dinner.

The cookies were delicious, and I ate them while watching videos on my phone. To my shame, I ate most of the plate before taking them down to the fridge. The three remaining cookies would be breakfast, then I would have to go shopping in town. It wasn’t that late, but I was tired and still a little road drunk. 

I wasn’t aware of falling asleep, but the crash from downstairs woke me up. The noise was almost melodic, the telltale sounds of breaking ceramic. I shot up in bed, the phone tumbling from my chest. It bounced off the bed and onto the floor, thankfully landing on its back. The screen lit up with my screen saver and the time, and even that small amount of light was enough to see by in the pitch darkness.

I froze, listening to see if I could hear anything else. Nothing. Something could have just fallen, but I wasn’t sure what it could be. There wasn’t a lot in the little house to fall. Was there someone else here? Anyone could have a key, a past tenant, my too cheerful realtor, and my landlady definitely did. It also could have been a dream. The silence was so absolute it had a weight to it. It didn’t sound like there was someone here, and as quiet as it was, I should have heard them. 

I swallowed hard and leaned over to pick up the phone before I:

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