The Apocalypse We Chose

James’s Note: This is going to be a Multiple Choice Story. Vote on the choices at the bottom to decide what out hero should do next. Choose a path, and try to survive the end of the world.

You were in the middle of a sociology lecture at Texas A&M when the world ended. Or at least, when it started to end.

First the news talked about a pandemic, then they were talking about rioting, then martial law was being declared everywhere.

At first experts were claiming it was just some kind of bacterial infection, then they were calling it an exotic strain of rabies. When the videos of the infected cities started leaking, the truth became apparent.

The people dying from this disease weren’t staying dead.

Before the news stopped coming, there had been talk of this all being linked to a new treatment for antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. As it turned out, injecting people with a mutated bacteria-phage virus was a bad idea.

We started calling it the Phage.

Some of the students managed to leave before the National Guard came and locked down the school. 

You didn’t.

Before they cut off communication, you tried calling your dad. He raised you alone  after your mother died, and you were his whole world. There was no answer on his home or cell phone, and you prayed that didn’t mean what you were pretty sure it had to mean.

After all, at this point there were more people dead than alive.

Before you could try anyone else, they confiscated the phones and cut off all communication with the outside world.

Barbed wire, chain link, and concrete barriers went up around the school turning it into a fortress. Soldiers in watchtowers shot down any of the infected that came within range. Men in hazmat suits carted the body’s to the incinerator. 

Judging by the professional looking men in scrubs and lab coats coming in, you think they may be using the school’s lab to do some kind of research.

Space is limited and food is strictly rationed. Your dorm that was barely big enough for you and your roommate now houses two extra people sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

You’ve gotten sick of MREs.

When you told them you wanted access to your Jeep, they laughed at you. You were told everything had been confiscated. That made your  stomach sink.

Your dad had made sure you had everything you needed in that Jeep. There was a Get Home bag with plenty of supplies for you to make it from the school back to your Dad’s place. You just bet these bastards took everything.

You’re pretty sure your jeep is still in one of the back lots that they seem to be using as a motor pool.

You did talk to one of the soldiers, who seemed nice. Or maybe he just liked you. After some convincing, he finally brought you some of your personal effects from the Jeep. Aside from some of your school things, the main thing you got was your documentation folder.

Your dad always insisted you keep this in the Jeep. It had bank info, insurance, telephone numbers, everything you could need in an emergency.

You started going through it, and came to a letter your dad had typed up and slid in the back.

“If you’re  reading this, I hope it’s not because something bad has happened. If it is, though, you know what to do. If you can get ahold of me, that means I’m probably still at home. If it’s really bad, or you can’t contact me, head for the deer camp in Arkansas. That’s our Rendezvous point. You’ve got everything you need in the Jeep to make it that far, especially if you fill up the extra gas cans. 

We have plenty of everything we need up there. Your uncle Elijah’s family knows to head that way too. If you haven’t heard from me, I’ll meet you there.

Just remember everything I taught you. You are tough and smart and I know you can do this. I love you more than the world, and no matter what happens, we’ll make it through this together.

Look at me getting all emotional, and you’re probably just flipping through this for insurance info cause you wrecked the jeep. Don’t wreck the jeep.

Love you, kiddo,


You wipe the tears out of your eyes and set down the note. You know you have to do something.

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