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Warning: Spiders

Sharon’s note: Another 200 word challenge, where the subject was two people meeting who share a phobia. Warning: A real-life spider hostage situation that the author has witnessed. “Don’t let the–”  I looked up from my phone to the sickly pale man pressed against the bathroom wall. The door clicked behind me and the guy…


Sharon’s note: One of two 200 word challenges I did. It’s cool to do little snipets of a story like this. Warning: Sad implications. The others search for canned and dried goods. I stay near the front of the abandoned grocery store, rifle at the ready. Dried leaves and grit crunch under my taped-together boots.…

Literal Prophesies

Sharon’s Note: This was a piece I wrote for a challenge. It’s a fun bit of fluff. Warning: Gratuitous cuteness. “No, thank you.” I tried not to bare teeth as I told yet another old man I didn’t want to play a game of dominoes. They weren’t even being creepy about it, so I couldn’t…

Family Business Pt 3

Sharon’s note: Hardship can make or break a family, but some relationships couldn’t be saved by a zombie apocalypse. Warning: This was intended of splatter punk. “Suck it up Jess. Now is not the time to run off again because you’re butt hurt. We’ve got other problems.” Penny leveled her shotgun at the corpse that…

A Night In Pt 2

Sharon’s note: The human condition is fatal. Blunt, unpleasant, but unfortunately true. It manifests differently in everyone, but everyone has it. There’s very little of it we can control, but how we choose to look at it is one of them. Maybe instead of blunt and unpleasant, it’s just a short and bittersweet interlude before…

A Night In Pt 1

Sharon’s note: This was a story I started writing for a contest. I decided it didn’t really work, but I still liked it, so here it is in two parts. Warning: Not my best work, but I enjoyed it. I never liked Grandpa’s cabin. It was so much like the old man. Everything creaked and…


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