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Maudlin Girl Pt 3

Sharon’s Note: On a serious note, I’ve met several people stuck in abusive relationship. It always breaks my heart. Just remember, you don’t have to stay with anyone, you don’t disserve what they are doing, it is not normal, and it is never too late to start over. Warning: Author regrets that some people feel …

Carnival Girl Pt 15

Sharon’s note: When the big bad is defeated, it’s always fun, and romantic fireworks are sure to ensue. Warning: Stay tuned for the next, and last, episode. It was a kaiju. The evil god of a killer carnival was a giant chicken/lizard hybrid. If he wasn’t running for his life, Jim would have laughed. A …

Not A Person

Sharon and James’s note: So, there’s a song going to around TikTok and various other platforms that we love and highly recommend you go and check out. We were discussing it the other night, and of course we made our own take on it. Feel free to sing this to the tune, if you’re feeling …

The Trials of Marrying a Vampire: Continuing Education

Sharon’s Note: I love this couple. I’m never going to stop writing about them, because you always see these vampire/hunter couples, but you never see them in a healthy, established relationship. Good relationships are sexy, and apparently the only way I’m going to see more of them is if I write them. Challenge excepted. Warning: …

Maudlin Girl Pt 2

Sharon’s note: I love all the characters in this story. I’m going to write some more just so the side characters get some more screen time. Might be another story, or it might be an actual book. Warning: Author has plans. Paloma stared out the front windshield as she shifted over to the driver’s seat, …


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