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Liminal Spaces Pt 11

Sharon’s note: I get a kind of twisted joy when the annoying character in horror realizes they are screwed. Even if I’m writing it. Really, it’s satisfying in a way I don’t have words for. Warning: Sometimes the author is the biggest villain. Elizabeth laughed at my gaping jaw. “Really, you wouldn’t think I would …

Carnival Girl Pt 13

Sharon’s note: I know technically you can have a romance without an action scene, but I’m writing this story, so let there be a fight scene. Warning: Author’s obsession with dark carnivals is showing. The clown charged the booth with its arms outstretched. A glove hand swiped at Jim’s face, and he brought the cleaver …

Good Boy Pt 10

Sharon’s note: Welcome to the last episode! I like sweet, goofy romances. When it reads like erotica-light (or sometimes, not-so-light) and that isn’t what I got the book for, it annoys me a lot. Sometimes I want to read about love that’s about the emotional connection and actual courtship rather than how the romantic interest …

Liminal Spaces Pt 10

Sharon’s Note: I didn’t start out liking horror, movies or books. I was a really creative kid, with a great imagination, so I was scared of everything. Eventually, I got tiered of being afraid, and one by one, I started to face my fears. It turns out, when you chase the monsters in your head, …

Carnival Girl Pt 12

Sharon’s Note: I’m a sucker for that moment when our hero decides to turn and fight. It’s inspiring, and gives me the warm fuzzies. I want a scene that makes me almost antsy, because I’m ready to join the battle right beside the main character. Hopefully, this is at least a little of that. Warning: …


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