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Good Boy Pt 6

Sharon’s note: My husband and I have been married 15 years, so I feel like I have a little clout to talk about relationships. It gets toted around a lot that communication is the key to a working partnership, and it is, but there are two other elements that are needed to make things work, …

Liminal Spaces Pt 6

Sharon’s Note: So, I used to work in an abandoned pacemaker factory. We were trying to turn it into office space. It was a creepy as it sounds. A lot of the atmosphere for this story came from those buildings, but one thing I decided to leave out was the spiders. Now I like spiders, …

Carnival Girl Pt 8

Sharon’s Note: I’ve never liked scenes where the existence of magic is revealed, and the human character flips the heck out, complete with screaming and crying fit, followed by running away from the supernatural, even if they’ve been friends until this point. I’m not saying the person should be stoic, but if the person breaks …

Good Boy Pt 5

Sharon’s note: Writing is hard. It’s a balancing act to make characters that the reader likes and wants to read more about, but still create drama and plot so that everything stays interesting. Also, I’m a squishy person who doesn’t like doing bad things to my characters. Inserting any conflict is hard, but it must …

Liminal Spaces Pt 5

Sharon’s note: There are no new stories. That’s okay. We never really get tiered of hearing the old ones, as long as they’ve got a new coat of paint. I’ve consumed a lot of stories, whether it’s a book I’ve read or a movie I’ve watched. Very few plot twists surprise me, but that doesn’t …


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