Maudlin Girl Pt 6

Sharon’s note: Dark humor is my jam, but I get that it isn’t for everyone. Neither is my dry sense of humor. I have come to terms with the fact that you can’t please everyone. I just wish everyone knew that too. Warning: This is your last chance to quit reading before things get bloody hilarious. Literally.

“So, these two idiots aside, what do you want, Sarah? Do you even have opinions anymore?” I was honestly curious. How far had she disappeared into the group mind? “Do you want to be the weak omega, doing and thinking only what they say? Are you okay only being an echo if it means things are easier?”

She wrapped her arms around herself and half turned away from me. Her pout and petulant tone let on that she did have some pride left to hurt. “I’m still my own person. I believe in the old ways.”

“So you believe that you are a lump of flesh that exists solely for the purpose of making babies and dying because an alpha said so?” I circled around the wannabe, who reached out to grab me. I stepped away and wagged a finger. “No touching.”

“You don’t talk to my woman like that.” He bared his teeth.

“And you don’t touch me, or I will break this bottle on your head then stab the top into your stomach.” I grinned at the mental picture. “The blood will flow out of it like I tapped a keg.”

There was that baffled look again. “That’s not how anything works, you crazy bitch.”

“It would if she did it.” Alex rolled his eyes with a long-suffering sigh. “Roxy and the laws of physics aren’t exactly on speaking terms.”

I bounced on my heels, grateful for the line feed. “To paraphrase my hero, I never studied law.”

“Who’s your hero?” Brian asked.

“Bugs Bunny.” I turned back to Sarah. “Okay, cool. You want to stay here. Do you actually want to damn your kid to a hellish childhood of hate and bullying until they twist him into a broken reflection of this asshole?”

Her lip trembled, a little bit of rational thought peeking through her pain. She shook her head. Well, that was enough for me.

“Enough of this!” The wannabe roared, and his entire pack flinched. “Leave now, or die.”

I groaned. Did he ever shut up? I’d pretty much decided I was going to kill the leader, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of them. I turned to my morality/murder consultant. “Alex?”

“Brian and I will get Sarah out of the way, you have fun.” He raised his voice so that the all the wolves could hear him. “And if any of you have any brains, you’ll run for it. She has a very short attention span, so she probably won’t chase you.”

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