Maudlin Girl Pt5

Sharon’s Note: I like move games, especially ones that allow you to mock something while still loving it. Warning: Author may actually make a bad cliché bingo card. Cult edition.

. . . Huh? “Did you like get that straight out of a textbook on cults? Because that sounds very cultish.”

The wannabe snorted. “Cults are about controlling their members. I guide them.”

“Yeah, yeah. You make the rules, and the rules of the group are absolute. Like a Sith. Vary from them and there is something wrong with you. Question them, and you’re not only a bad person, you are one of Them. Those villainous outsiders that are the source of all evil.” I waved my hands sarcastically. “Beware the outsiders! Yeah, I’ve heard that song and dance before. Hey, raised hands! Who here has been fed the ‘if you’re not with us you’re against us’ line?”

The man in the rocker t-shirt started to lift his arm, only to have it slapped down by the werewolf next to him. I pointed at him anyway. “That guy wins bad cult cliché bingo.”

“That’s enough, Roxy.” Alex patted my shoulder, and I took the cue to shut my trap. I didn’t understand why I needed to, but I trusted his judgment.

“Why did you call me if you didn’t want to come home?” Heartbreak swelled around Brian, and it tasted bitter.

“She is home,” the wannabe said.

“I take it back. You win bad cult cliché bingo.” I clapped, and Alex pushed my hands down with a disapproving frown. Oh, right. Shutting up.

“These are my family now.” Sarah’s voice shook, and she wouldn’t look up from the ground. “I belong here. I’m an omega, Brian, not strong like you. I need the pack.”

“Whoa. He must have been the worlds suckiest brother to make you think that someone who makes you call yourself an ‘omega’ is better.” I frowned at Sarah. “Did he tell you your place was to shut up and have babies because you’re weak? Did he hit you? If Brian hit you, tell me, and I’ll pummel him right now.”

Her head snapped up and her eyes narrowed. “No. He would never hurt me.”

So quick to defend her brother. That was interesting. I pointed at the wannabe.

“Does he do those things?” Sarah’s mouth went thin. That was a big yes. I shook my head. “I don’t get it. Is that really what you want? If it is, fine, but don’t bring a kid into this. It’s hard to drag yourself out of the toxic you’re born into.”

“It is not fine!” Brian moved towards his sister, and was blocked by the wannabe.

“This is what she wants.” He sneered, arm extended to keep the siblings apart.

“Perhaps she should answer for herself.” Alex looked bored with the entire conversation, but he was also positioning himself so that he had a straight shot at the wannabe. Alex was a good fighter, and an even better tactician.

“She can’t answer for herself. She’s been brainwashed.” Brian moved forward again, and it was his turn to get arm grabbed by the vampire. It was nice for it to be someone else for a change.

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