One Life Time Pt. 6

Warning: So, I want you to do something for me. Tell someone you love that you appreciate them. A spouse, a sibling, a parent, a friend, anyone. It’s something that we don’t do nearly enough. Remember how lucky you are to have that person in your life, and let them know. Warning: Author is currently feeling fuzzy after finishing this scene.

“How did you even find out my birthday?” Peter snorted as he looked at the neon pink envelope Sarah held out.

She rolled her eyes. “Many hours of research and international phone calls, which, I would like to add, I wouldn’t have had to do if you had just told me when I asked. What do you care? Open your card.”

With an identical roll of eyes, he took the envelope. He took out the card and wrinkled his nose at the bit of glitter that knocked loose and fell onto his pristine carpet. When he read the front, he scowled. “Did you have to scratch out the number to put my real age on there?”

Sarah shrugged and smirked. “Sorry. I could find a card for someone’s one hundred and second birthday. Just shut up and read it.”

“‘So I hear you’re turning a hundred and two.” He cleared his throat dramatically as he opened the card and continued. “‘Do you have any idea how freaking old that is?’ Really?”

Practically bouncing with excitement she pushed his hand up so the card at his face. “Read what I wrote. Read what I wrote!”

“Very well.” He cleared his throat again. “‘Peter, I know you’re moving soon. Don’t bother denying it. You know I’m a horrible snoop, and I’ve seen all the papers.’ Really Sarah, I locked that drawer.”

“And you left the key in the coffee cup on your desk. Do you think I wouldn’t see it? I’m not short anymore.” When he cast a dubious glance at the top of her head, several inches below his own, she made a noise like an angry cat. “I’m not short! Keep reading.”

“‘It should come as no surprise to you that Brian and I are moving too. As you’re reading this, feel free to glower at me, just don’t argue. The reason my husband isn’t here right now is because he’s finishing up the paperwork on the place just a block from your new house. There’s no good complaining, it’s already done.” Peter took her up on her offer, but didn’t bother to disagree. He knew it was pointless. “‘Now that’s out of the way, I need to tell you something, You mean so much to me. Ever since I crawled into your yard that day, you have shown me more care and consideration that anyone else in my life. You’ve been a better father than . . .”

Peter’s voice caught, and he looked at her with eyes wide. Sarah smiled warmly and put a hand on his arm, giving it a quick rub before nodding gesturing with her head for him to go on.

“‘You’ve been a better father than my genetic one ever was, and I love you for it. Through the years, you’ve taught me to be strong when I needed to be, compassionate when I wanted to be, and stubborn through association.'” He choked on a laugh. “‘I’m not ready to let that go yet. Especially since I’m now starting my own journey into parenthood.’ You’re pregnant?”

Sarah put a hand on her belly, not yet showing, and gave a shy grin. “Yep.”

Peter threw his arms around her, tucking her head under his chin as he whispered, “Congratulations, Little One.”

She pulled away, tears brimming. The vampire might have been crying too, if it was physically possible. “Go on. There’s a little bit left.”

He raised the card again. “So, I’ve talked this over with Brian, and we have just one question. Will you be the godfather?”

For a full minute he said nothing, and Sarah’s smile fell. Ice felt like it was forming in her stomach as she said, “Well, Uncle Peter? What do you say?”

Slowly, he raised his gaze from the card to her face, and the most beautiful grin she’d ever seen blossomed across his face. “Of course I will.”

Sarah squealed, and jumped up and down before hugging him as tightly as she could.

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