One Life Time Pt. 5

Sharon’s Note: I’d been on a couple dates before I met my husband, but he was my first actual relationship. As far as I’m concerned, he saved me from the hell that is bad boyfriends. Most people aren’t that lucky. I was. Sarah was not. Warning: A vampire giving someone what they deserve that does not involve bloodshed.

Sarah watched a black car pull into the parking lot. Her friend, Samantha hovered by her shoulder. 

“Is that your ride?” Sam’s eyebrows shot up. Sarah knew Peter’s car was expensive, but that was because everything he owned was expensive. Sam knew a lot about cars, and could probably tell the dollar value at a glance.

“Yep.” Sarah raised a hand to make sure he saw her.

Peter didn’t bother to pull into a space, but instead stopped behind the vehicles nearest to her. She scootched between two cars to go lean into his window. He looked highly amused. “Are you alright? Not that I mind, but you’ve never called me for a ride before.”

“I’m fine. It’s just that Josh and I broke up. My phone and purse are in his car, but he’s being a dick and not letting me in. He says he won’t let anyone in until I’m gone, so they can’t help me.” It took all her self-control not to start crying again. Josh had said some pretty horrible things. He’d accused her of cheating, which she would never do, and other things that made no sense. She’d teared up right on the dance floor, and then ran to the bathroom where she straight up bawled. 

Peter’s expression hardened into a most unpleasant grin. “That a fact?”

“Don’t start anything,” she warned him. “There’s been enough drama tonight. I just want to go home. Sam will grab my things and bring them by the dorm tomorrow.”

He considered this for a long moment, then got out of the car. Sarah was about to protest when he stopped by her door and opened it for her. “Go on. Get it.”

The fact that he had gotten out to open the door for her was weird, but maybe he was just trying to be extra nice. “Um, yeah, thanks.”

Sarah got in with a wave at Sam, who paused her thorough study of Peter long enough to wave back. When her legs were tucked in and her seat belt buckled, he closed the door, then turned and started walking towards the club.

“Hey. Hey! What are you doing?” Sarah called to him while leaning out the window. Her seat belt locked, holding her down, and she fumbled to unlatch it.

“I’m just going to see about retrieving your property. Nothing more.” The way he was smirking made Sarah doubt it.

“Don’t hurt him. Do you hear me? Don’t hurt him!”

He raised a hand in acknowledgment before disappearing around the corner of the club. Sam nearly tripped as she walked to the window because she was watching Peter leave.

“Well, at least you have something yummy to rebound on after that asshole.” Sam tapped the door playfully.

Sarah’s jaw fell open as her lip curled. “Me? Date Peter? No. Hell no. He’s family. It would be gross.”

“Family?” Sam looked her over. There was a passing resemblance between Peter and Sarah, if you didn’t look too hard. “What, is he like your cousin or something?”

It took physical effort not to laugh. When they first met, Peter passed for her uncle or father. Now they had moved into cousin/brother territory. “Yeah.”

“Oh.” Sam looked speculatively at the corner of the building. “Is he available?”

“He’s kind of a player and doesn’t date.” It always struck Sarah as weird that, additional facts aside, this was a completely true statement. “I mean, if you want to chase him, be my guest, just be aware of what you’re getting into.”

“Why are all the handsome guys dicks?” Sam rolled her head back in an exaggerated lament. 

Sarah shrugged was her only response. It was only a few minutes later that Peter walked around the corner. He went straight to Josh’s car (he’d seen it pick Sarah up enough times to know it) and unlocked it. He retrieved a couple of things from the back seat, tossed the keys in, and slammed the door. When he got back into the car, he threw Sam her purse before sliding into the drivers side and handing Sarah hers with a self-satisfied smile.

“Did you just lock his keys in his car?” While Sarah tried to sound stern, laughter threatened to invade her tone.

He ignored the question and leaned across her to address Sam. “Will you be alright here?”

“Yeah. I’m in the opposite direction from the dorm, so I’ll just get an Uber. The dickwads inside can find their own ways home.” Sam had taken Sarah’s side, and her boyfriend had taken Josh’s. They had been rocky for a while, but she had decided that this was the final straw.

“Well, goodnight, then.” And with no more ado, Peter took off.

“You didn’t hurt him, did you?” Sarah asked, now that they were on the privacy of the car.

“I didn’t.” He snorted. “Although I think I deserve credit for not. That idiot was never good enough for you, and now this. I, what is that term you like to use? Whammied him?”

“That’s fair,” she admitted. Now that the excitement was over, sadness settled over her again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” All amusement had leached from Peter’s tone, to be replaced with sympathy. “You could tell me over a chocolate shake.”

Her shoulders twitched in a silent laugh. “Yeah that sounds good. And Peter?”


“Thanks for coming to get me.”

He spared a second from the road to smile warmly at her. “Always, Little One.”

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