Hard Hunting Pt 10

Sharon’s Note: If you keep pushing, keep fighting, you’ll eventually find help, of course, sometimes only you can help yourself. Warning: If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

“Bernard here.” The voice was deep and smooth.

“Yeah, this is Joy Harker. I’m an operator at Hearth. My team is in despearate need of back up. They are rescuing civilian from a werewolf and everyone else is already answering the call for another werewolf incident in the area. Can you give me your status and location?” I stopped myself from begging immediately.

“We are on stand by for our current mission, but I can’t give you our location.” 

“Please, my team needs help!” Forget pride. I was going to beg. “There’s a bunch of civilans that are walking right into the woods with a wolf and my guys went in after them. Please!”

“Some people would say they’re taking their lives into their own hands by breaking protocol.” He mused.

“They’re only doing what we’re all supposed to be here to do. . .” I began, but he quickly cut me off.

“I didn’t say we weren’t going to help. Where’s your team located?” Almost ready to cry when he said that, I read the coordinates off to him. “We’re going to drop everything here and we are on our way. . .”

“Oh god, thank you so much. . .” He cut me off again.

“We are coming as fast as we can, but we are hours away. Chances are, we’re only going to get there in time to clean up the bodies and scoop up the wolf. Tell them to hold out if they can. We are on our way.”

I closed my eyes against the encroaching panic. “Thanks either way.”

He didn’t say anything else, he just hung up. My hands were shaking, so I pressed them hard into the table to steady them. I closed my eyes and tried to take some deep breaths. I had to try three times before I could fill my lungs without them hitching. For about five minutes I did nothing but sit there and breath. When I was in complete control again, I turned to my computer. 

There wasn’t much I could do for my team at the moment except prepare, so by God I would prepare. I researched everything I could about the park, going over maps and news. I made sure I had all the literature on lunar based werewolves. If my team called me and needed anything, I was going to be ready.

It was a little over a half hour later that the my team’s coms came back on. 

“Um, hello?” I didn’t recognise the voice but there were whimpers and roars in the background. 

“Who is this and what’s happening?”

“Um, my name is Brian. We were attacked by . . . oh God, it’s a werewolf. It’s a real werewolf,” He whimpered.

A civilian. Shit.

“It’s going to be ok, Brian,” I said as soothingly as possible. “Can you tell me what happened to the men you got the headset from?”

“He’s dead,” Brian whimpered. “They’re all dead except for two of them and one won’t wake up and the other guy is bleeding a lot. He’s the one who told me to call you and ask for backup.”

I swallowed hard. “Yeah. My name is Joy and I’m going to try and help you. 

“Are you backup? Are you coming to save us?”

I closed my eyes, feeling colder than the air conditioning could account for. I promised, “We aren’t just going to leave you there, buddy. Now talk to me.”

Hard Hunting
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  1. Waiting for Brian to turn into a secret badass and save everyone.

    Obviously, that’s not the point of the story.

    But I can hope.


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