Hard Hunting: Pt 9

Sharon’s note: There are sometimes lines that have to be crossed to protect the things that matter. It’s important to know how far to push things when you need to. Warning: Main character is not giving up just yet.

“Hey, Will! You know that favor you owe me?” I asked with mock cheerfulness.

“Now is really not a good time, Joy.” He said, shouting to be heard over the comotion of hunters trying to organize.

“It’s never a good time. I need that favor,” I insisted.

He made a disgruntled noise. “Alright. Say it fast. We’re about to go after a werewolf.”

“Yeah, I know.” I crossed my fingers and did something despicable. “I need you to get your team leader to leave that hunt and go help my team at weeping lake. It’s just twenty minutes from your location and . . .”

“Are you crazy?” Will hissed. “We have a werewolf here in downtown. . .”

“And I have one at the lake. There’s a big family reunion there. With kids. Probably lots of them.” It was a cheep shot. I took it anyway. “Come on, Will. There are plenty of teams there to deal with that werewolf. My team is all alone.”

“Even if I could convince my team to leave this fight . . .” 

“Which I know you could do if you really wanted.” Bill was a good team lead and his men respected him. If he told them to go, they’d go.

“Maybe.” Bill sighed. “I’m sorry, Joy. I can’t do it. It’s just numbers. There’s more risk for a downtown attack. I can’t do it.”

“Won’t.” I snarled. “If you’re not coming, it’s because you won’t, not can’t. If you’re going to leave my team to die, at least admit it.”

There was a long pause before Bill said, “Fine. I won’t.”

“Ok, guess I know what a favor from you is forth then.” It was scummy, and wasn’t fair, but my team was going to die. I’d do anything.

“Guess so. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

“I know.” I hung up. Ok. One last shot.

All teams were currently listed as active except one. It didn’t have any members listed, just the team lead and team name; Typhon. It had no listing for location, and that usually meant it was a secured op and we weren’t supposed to contact them. Fortunately for my team, I wasn’t much better at following instructions than they were. 

The leader of the team was a guy named Bernard. I’d never spoken to him. There were rare few hunters in our organization I wasn’t on a first name basis with. Between that and the lack of listen location, it marked these guys as our equivalent of spooks. I really wasn’t supposed to call them.

Hard Hunting
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