King of Stories: Scene 2

James’s Note: Yet another scene for my script, or whatever it may be. I plan on there being lots of jumps and maybe some things happening out of order. Just think of Tarantino.

(Ren sits alone and dejected, in a void, surrounded by darkness. His power as the king of stories is broken and he is hopeless and defeated. He stares down at his clasped hands as he sings.)

All my hope is gone now.

I guess I shouldn’t waste a prayer.

If I just gave up now,

there’s no one left to care.

I used to know so many stories.

Now they all just end in tears

and no matter what the story

I always wind up here.

But I used to know a story

where true love conquers all

and the hero comes to save the day

and catch you when you fall.

But I can’t wait for a Hero.

Help isn’t on the way.

If I don’t think of something

then this is where I stay.

But I used to know a story

where you find out the hero’s you.

I used to know a story

and maybe I still do.

(Ren, whose expression had been downcast, looks curios, then defiant. He opens his hands, revealing a tiny mote of light. It’s glow begins to drive back the darkness, and Ren smiles.)

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