Witcher Man and the Case of the Wolf that wasn’t: Part 11

James’s Note: This episode will see the end of Daniel’s side quest with the hunters, but he still has a case to solve.

I looked directly at Calvin and tried to explain fast enough to get to the end before he lost patience and decided to shoot me just to simplify his life.

“Look, your friend’s brain was swarming with one of the nastiest supernatural bugs in the world. This kind of zombie virus likes to burrow into cells and turn them into virus factories, which is pretty much what viruses do. White blood cells do crap, because they can infect those to. Luckily, while it’s nasty, I know one that’s even meaner. The werewolf virus not only does the same thing, but it’s a territorial little bugger, and has this little protrusion it can use on other viruses that turns them into mulch. Long story short, you can’t be a zombie and a werewolf and werewolf wins.” I explained, really hoping they followed that. Hunters are usually sincere and dedicated, but not always smart. 

One of the hunters started yelling how I turned his friend into a monster, but Calvin cut him off. “Everyone, put your guns down! If anybody needs shooting, I’ll do it.”

Everyone seemed to grudgingly back down and upon meeting Calvin’s glare, started to wander off and find other things to do. I’m not sure what hunters do when not killing things, but I imagine it involving playing cards, alcohol and porn; lot’s of porn. Calvin had Damien and I follow him into a room he was using as his office. It was noticeably less scuzzy than the rest of the house, so I felt comfortable sitting down without a layer of plastic between me and the upholstery. 

Over the next hour, the three of us had a very fun conversation in which both the hunter and the werewolf seemed to be able to agree I should win the asshole of the year award. Calvin had no idea what to do with a hunter who now had some serious hair growth issues and Damien was beyond pissed that I had pickpocketed him for some O negative. Damien was also having a big hairy dilemma. 

On the one hand, any werewolf in the area was supposed to answer to his pack. On the other hand, they didn’t really want a former hunter who might still think werewolf tastes just like chicken.

In the end, I convinced them I had a perfect place for him. A friend of mine would be glad to take him in, and as I reminded Cal, his buddy was noticeably not dead. I ended up getting out of there with a grudging thank you from Cal and Damien still dogging me (yes, pun intended).

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  1. I enjoyed the conclusion to this part of the story. I look forward to the next installment of The Witcher Man. Ps. Small typo on the name Calvin (Cavinl) 5 paragraphs down from the top.


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