King of Stories: Scene 1

James’s Note: This is a bit of a weird piece. I wasn’t really sure what to call it. Think of it as the script to a musical, or maybe a poetry version of a rock opera. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it.

( The scene opens on Ren, who does not yet know he is the king of stories. He stands on the sidewalk of a crowded Street.
A pretty young girl, Sarah, is walking away from him as he stares after her. Both look perplexed.
Ren leans dazedly against the wall, and begins to sing as the crowd continues by obliviously.)

“It seems so strange to think our lives

are not what we had thought.

It looks like I’m in love

and it looks like you are not.

Our lives are just a story;

a tale our living weaves

and anything that might have been

is only make believe

But I know a story

where I loved with all my heart.

That’s my favorite story

and you’re my favorite part.

I know a story

where I lived and died for you

and in my little story,

we always made it through.

I don’t know a single story

where I’m not in with you

but I know a story

where you love me too.”

(Ren looks crestfallen, and begins to wander off in the opposite direction. Suddenly, his face lights up with inspiration. He spins on his heels, and follows after Sarah.)

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