Griffin’s First Flight

James’s Note: This is another installment in the Project: Golem series. We follow the pilot and Golem from our first story on their first mission. It’s just a shakedown run. I’m sure everything will go smoothly, right?

This is a transcript of the pilot’s log recorded on HMG Striking Griffon’s first field operation. This is stored as part of the permanent record for Project: Golem.

*Sensors read normal as Griffin completes atmospheric entry using limited flight thrusters. Impact crater is minimal*

Griffin Pilot: Hell yeah! Good job, Griffin. We make a badass meteor, don’t we?

Griffin: Affirmative, Pilot.

Griffin Pilot: Alright, begin recording so we can get this party started.

Griffin: Recording already in progress.

Griffin Pilot: Crap. Griffin, delete recording up to this mark.

Griffin: Sorry, Pilot. Records can not be deleted with out clearance from Project Command.

Griffin Pilot: Oh God. Alright let’s just pretend that didn’t happen. This is Griffin Pilot embarking on a security patrol on behalf of the Typhon Belt Trading Company. They report well armed pirates raiding their depots on the border worlds, and we’re here to observe and report any unusual activity as part of a shake down mission. All systems go, Griffin?

Griffin: All systems go. Griffin is ready for action.

Griffin Pilot: Easy there, big guy. We’re probably not going to see any action here. This is just a fuel depot. Besides, unless things really go sideways, we’re just supposed to hang back and report.

Griffin: Acknowledged.

*Griffin begins patrol of sector 7G, outside the TBTC fuel depot. Sensors ping multiple unauthorized vehicles.*

Griffin: Pilot, Griffin is registering multiple suspicious ground vehicles. 

Griffin Pilot: I see them. They look like Anti-grav speeders. I think they see us too. They’re really hooking it out of here.

Griffin: Griffin has target lock. Moving to engage 

*Weapon systems powering up*

Griffin Pilot: What? No, do not engage! 

Griffin: But Griffin has target lock.

Griffin Pilot: Do not engage! I repeat do not engage! Dammit, Griffin, acknowledge!

Griffin: Griffin acknowledges.

Griffin Pilot: Bloody hell, Griffin. Make a note to have you submitted for behavioral evaluation when we get back.

Griffin: Griffin has noted. 

Griffin Pilot: We don’t even know who they were. We can’t just blast any civilian that wonders into the area.

*Patrol continues for 129 minutes. Sensors begin to register multiple contacts.*

Griffin: Pilot, Griffin registers the three speeders from earlier contact at heading 4-9-5. 

Griffin Pilot: I’ve got them. They’re heading right for our position, too…

Griffin: Griffin also detects multiple additional contacts. 

12 Armoured Personal Carriers at heading 4-9-2. 

6 Mobile Artillery platforms at heading 4-9-4. 

2 Gungnir class Missile platforms at heading 4-9-1.

Griffin also detects a Leviathon class destroyer making atmospheric re-entry.

All contacts display pirate insignia

Griffin Pilot: Bloody Hell. Griffin!

Griffin: Yes, Pilot. 

Griffin Pilot: Now you can engage!

Griffin: Griffin acknowledges.

The combat recording for this mission is available for review. The following are some of the after action notes submitted to the pilot.

Pilot, after reviewing your combat log, the project review team submits the following notes for your consideration.

  • “Unleash Hell” is not considered a standard command phrase.
  • “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war” is not a standard format battle plan.
  • “Kick it in the bollocks” is not a standard combat command.
  • Noncombat related conversations, such as a 9 minute discussion on whether or not star destroyers posses “bollocks” are discouraged while actively taking fire.
  • The Kingslayer missile system is not recommended as a point blank range weapon. The fact that your Golem class shielding was able to withstand the blast does not change this fact.

The following is a note from the chief engineer submitted to Griffin Pilot.

Dammit, boy. You don’t mess around on your first mission, do you? I bet the couple of pirates that survived that dust-up are seeking new careers, probably  ones that don’t involve getting crushed to death by a multi-ton Colossus. 

I would have loved to have seen their faces when Griffin landed on the hull of that Leviathan. You may have set a record as the first combatant to physically rip a star destroyer’s reactor core out and chuck it like a shot put.

You did good, kid. You both did. I’m proud of you.

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  1. I’ve always thought that a company to facilitate the trading of belts would be lucrative.
    It seems Typhon agrees. And what few pirates remain probably agree, too.
    You don’t bring the whole crew just to crack little 8-year old Billy’s piggy bank.


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