Nightmare: Redacted Part 7

Sharon’s Note: Car chase! I’ve always wanted to write a car chase! Warning: Author having too good a-time.

Ruben pulled me towards his car. I tried to pull away, saying that we needed to call the cops. This protest quickly died when another black van came around the corner. Then I was dragging him forward until he dug in his heels to stop me from passing his vehicle. 

 The car was small and sporty. It peeled out in a sharp arc, causing the van to slam its breaks to stop from hitting us. The passenger side door and side rolling door opened, and two black-clad forms, twins to the ones that had snatched Katy, jumped out. They stalked towards the car with long, odd strides like stop motion puppets, then Ruben stomped on the gas. The tires screamed, and the figures lunged forward, trying to grab the bumper. All they got was a handful of smoke.

As we sped away, I watched in the rear-view mirror as the men jumped back into the van. I buckled in and asked, “This thing is fast, right?”

“Oh, yeah.” Ruben’s smile curled into something that was almost obscene. I was flattened against the seat as somehow, we accelerated even more. 

Faster than I would have thought possible, the van careened around the corner, hot on our trail. I squeeked, “Oh god, they’re going to catch us.”

“No,” Ruben chuckled maniacally, “They’re not.”

Our mad dash through the city started in earnest. I lost track of the hard turns. The screech of tires and blaring car horns assaulted us from every side. Somehow, the van kept pace with us through the labyrinth of the city, actually sideswiping a little hatchback rather than lose speed. When we crossed the last overpass at the edge of town and hit open highway, suddenly Ruben’s car could use its full speed, and we quickly left the van behind.

My heart was hammering, and my coffee wasn’t sitting well in my stomach, but I was alive, and it felt great. “So, where to now?”

“Now, after we drive around some to make sure we lose those morons, we go and follow up on my lead.” Ruben’s breathing was heavy as he was coming down from the adrenaline. “The only way we’re going to actually be able to beat these guys is to find out why they’re after us. I obviously found something out when I talked to this contact, and I must have told it to you. If we find out what it was, then we’ll have some leverage over them.” 

“Do you think Katy’s going to be ok?” I asked, hesitantly. 

He was silent for a long moment, before shrugging. “Maybe? They wiped our memories, but didn’t hurt us. Maybe that’s all they’ll do to her.”

“Yeah. Yeah sure.” I swallowed hard to keep from tearing up and changed the subject. “So, who are we going to go see?”

“Well, I don’t remember his name, but I know the facility he was in. I’m hoping one of the nurses will know who I talked to last time I was there.” Ruben was staring hard at the road.

“So, he’s at a hospital? What’s wrong with him?” I cocked my head to the side.

“I don’t know exactly but um . . . it’s a psychiatric hospital.”

“Our best hope is a crazy guy?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Ruben nodded, looking resigned. “Yep.”

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