Nightmare: Redacted Part 2

Sharon’s Note: The story continues. Warning: General grossness.

I opened my mouth. I think I meant to scream, but blood flooded into my mouth, gagging me. As I collapsed, I vomited, and the pain in my head started painting auras across my vision. On hands and knees, I screamed at the floor. There might have been knocking at the door, or it might have been my pulse hammering in my ears.

Collapsing on my side, I screamed again. Each noise or move I made intensified the pain. Darkness ate chunks out of the world, as the pain literally blinded me. While I couldn’t see, I could feel. Something was moving in my head, and agony followed it. It started somewhere above my right eye, and was travelling slowly down the center of my face.

Suddenly I couldn’t breath, as whatever was moving in my head lodged in my right nostril. Gasping through my mouth, I realized that the pain was lessening, so I screamed again. Suddenly, I sneezed, and whatever was lodged there shot out of my nose like a bullet. 

The pressure in my head dwindled so suddenly I almost passed out in relief. An ache remained, like someone had shoved a pencil up my nose till they poked my brain and then pulled it out again. I imagined that it felt a bit like an ice pick lobotomy. My vision cleared, and while there was blood on the floor, it looked like so much less than I felt like I had lost. 

There were splatters of black among all the red, including one big shiny one about the size of a quarter. It was actually a blob, and my aching brain slowly figured out that was what must have been inside my head, and I recoiled. Maybe I had some kind of infection or something.

“Hey, Beth?” Katy’s voice was muffled by the door, which I vaguely remembered locking. “I heard you scream. If you don’t say anything I’m coming in.”

I tried to clear my throat so I could say something, but as I did, the blob started to move. Leaning closer in morbid fascination, I watched as the blob started to unfurl. As something like a leech curled and thrashed, dying on the floor. Raising a shaking hand to my nose to touch the tacky mess that was drying there, I shrieked, “Katy!”

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