From Beyond

Sharon’s note: This was just a little something I threw together from another challenge. We created a list of monster traits as a group, then had to do something with them. Warning: Author is aware of the logic flaw in this, but hey, it’s just for fun.

When reality tore, and a hole opened up to the place where stars died, no one noticed. It happened deep underground, so as far as humanity was concerned, it might as well not have happened. Until the things that came burrowed their way to the surface. They broke ground in a small, suburban neighborhood. 

The surface was warm, and to the creatures, warmth meant food. At first it was just animals that went missing; mostly cats and dogs. Notices went up, at first looking for the lost pets, then warning of some kind of sicko in the area. When a little boy, only six years old, went missing from his backyard, people were convinced that they were ground zero for an emerging serial killer. 

The second child, a ten year old girl, who disappeared left a cell phone behind. What she recorded changed everything.

Flashing lights under a bush. The girl pulls the branch aside, revealing a ball of . . . something. It’s gray, and looks like it’s made of stone except for thin, glass-like panels where multi-colored lights flicker. The girl laughs and exclaims something the phone doesn’t pick up, and the creature vanishes. She reached forward to the place where the object was and came in contact with something.

The creature reappears and starts to open–

No one has seen what happens after that. No one who can say, anyway. Those who have watched past that point are catatonic. 

Panic spread when the video was released. The neighborhood was evacuated, but since the onset of winter, the creatures have been inactive. They don’t like the cold. 

We don’t know what will happen when summer comes, and they start moving again. Hopefully they will be content to feed on animals. Hopefully they will not spread.

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