Daily Rituals

Sharon’s note: 200 word challenge 2 of 2. Warning: Weird whimsy. Not unlike the author.

“Stalk and slink my little cat, skulk and skitter like a rat.” 

Silence, my black kitten, disappeared around the corner of a half-collapsed ticket booth. She didn’t appreciate my rhymes. 

Leaving her to her own devices, I danced towards the center of the park towards the ferris wheel. Always dance when you think there are shadows nearby. It confused them, and made them think you were the wind. 

Beneath the Behemoth, the still metal heart of slumbering Rifty’s World, I drew supplies out of my pockets. A seemingly normal pen (ballpoint, of course) for a wand, a handful of salt packets, an iron nail, and an inch of yellow ribbon. The ribbon didn’t do anything, it was just pretty. 

“Blast, bound. All around. Disappear without a sound.” I pointed my wand to the five broken spots of the ferris wheel, ripped open the salt packets to spill the contents, and buried the nail, adding the ribbon for good measure. And that was that. 

“Come, Silence,” I called, and she scrambled out from under the ticket booth so I could pick her up. “Since we vanquished the shadows, I say we reward ourselves with a cheeseburger. You may have some cheese.”

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