Maudlin Girl Pt 7

Sharon’s note: I’m not great at action scenes, so I have to work harder for them. Admittedly, this one was a blast to wright. Silly murder is easy, to wright, I mean. Warning: Author is occasionally concerned that people will assume she’s more violent then she actually is. She only punches people in the face when there’s a referee.

“This is going to be a blast!” I clapped my hands and jumped up and down. The Madness was descending, and in it, everything was possible.

“Yeah, I’m going to enjoy shutting that mouth of yours.” The wannabe stepped forward swinging. His fist connected with my face, making a horrible crunching noise and twisting me around before I felt the pain. My jaw hung loose and dislocated in its skin and — uh! It felt icky.

I pushed, and everything went back into place with a wet pop. I spat a little blood at the wannabe’s feet and pouted. “That really hurt!”

“You should be dead after a hit like that.” Ah, his confusion was a familiar flavor at this point. I was almost going to miss him.

“Yeah, I should be human, too, but I can’t manage that, either.” I leaped, landing on his chest with both knees, the momentum making him stumble back before I slammed the bottle through his teeth and all the way down, cap first. He dropped, hands flailing at his throat. I understood. Breathing was nice.

An arm wrapped around my neck, yanking me up. A face pressed against my cheek and sour garlic breath washed across my nose. “You are going to pay for that you little-“

My feet bicycled in the air, and I slipped right out of his grasp and fell to the ground, right between his legs. I punched straight up into his balls, and he pitched forward with a keen, right into my waiting knee. His head snapped back and he curled to his side, groaning and wheezing like a decrepit old badger. I scrambled up and raised a foot to stomp his face when a full fledged wolf man smashed a claw into my face, sending me crashing into the asthmatic badger.

I lashed out at his knee, and it snapped backwards, making him howl. Treads plunged towards my face and I twisted away, pulling the badger into the line of fire. The boot owner tried to stop, and tumbled onto his friend instead. I rolled up and jumped, avoiding a kick from a fourth werewolf, landing on Boot Ower’s head with both feet. It crunched and buckled underneath me, tossing me sideways, just in time to miss a jab with a huge hunting knife.

Wannabe must have smashed the bottle in his throat, because he was standing again. He stumbled forward, spitting blood and glass, and his voice sounded like a rock polisher. “Now, whatever you are, you are going to die.”

The sound of the van door rolling shut let me know that Alex had gotten Sarah safely out of the way. Good. I could let go and have some real fun. I closed my eyes and let the Madness drown me.

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