The Trials of Marrying a Vampire: Continuing Education

Sharon’s Note: I love this couple. I’m never going to stop writing about them, because you always see these vampire/hunter couples, but you never see them in a healthy, established relationship. Good relationships are sexy, and apparently the only way I’m going to see more of them is if I write them. Challenge excepted. Warning: Characters flirting heavily.

Jack bared his fangs at the laptop screen, and Anise laughed. “Going that bad, huh?”

“I hate school. I hate computers even more. Putting the two together is an abomination before man and God.” He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. 

Anise moved some books out of the way and sat on the desk next to the computer, grinning down at her husband. “You sound old.”

He wrinkled his nose. “Technically, I am old. Way older than most of the humans who complain about being old.”

She tapped her lip, speculatively. “You’re right. Maybe you’re too old for me.” 

Jack seized her around the waist and pulled her into his lap, playfully baring his fangs. “I thought all the girls were totally into the whole ancient vampire thing?”

“Depends on who you ask. Some people are into it, but some think it’s gross and predatory in all the wrong ways.” She kissed the tip of his nose. “Besides, I hate to burst your bubble, but a hundred and fifty is hardly ancient.”

“It’s old enough that I consider the fact that I can use a computer is accomplishment enough.” He buried his face in her shoulder and sighed, voice muffled by her shirt. “Joseph’s new edict is ridiculous.”

“I think it’s brilliant, actually. Too many vampire courts suffer because they get into a rut. No one changes, no one learns, and it’s like they’re actually dead.” She put a hand against his chest and chuckled. The lack of heartbeat always amused her. “Besides, the fact that you are having so much problem with this probably means it’s exactly what you need.”

Jack raised his head to stick his tongue out at her, but pulled it back with a laugh when she nipped at it. He gave her a quick kiss, then frowned back at the laptop. “I wish I would have picked a different degree. When Joseph said we could get any degree, I thought I’d found a loophole. I speak french, this should have been easy. What is this crap about having to learn 18th century French poetry?”

“As my mentor told me, stop looking for shortcuts, it will get you killed.” She picked up one of his books from the table and flipped through it. “I could help you study.”

He raised an eyebrow. “How? You don’t speak french.”

Pouting, she lightly hit his shoulder with the book. “I can still run you through a lot of the questions. The answers are right there. I can also provide incentive.”

“What kind of incentive?” He asked, interest peaked.

“Have you ever had a-” she leaned forward to whisper in his ear, “strip test? For every right answer you get, I take off a piece of clothing.”

A shudder ran down Jack’s spine and he pulled her closer with a low growl. “You do that, and I may turn into an A student.” 

Anise pulled away and stood up. She put a hand on her hip and gave him her best sultry look. “Finish your homework, and I’ll give you a pop quiz.”

Jack let out a deep breath, before turning back to the computer. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so motivated.”

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