The King of Stories: A Villain Leaves One Story, and Enters This One

Sharon’s note: So enters the villain of Wes’s musical. This was intended to be wholly his project, but . . . well, I had an idea. Out of nowhere. I don’t normally even write poetry, but I woke up one day and wrote a song. It’s not fantastic, and the stage directions are probably worse, but hey, I did it. Warning: Author almost always loves the villains more than the heroes in any musical.

[The lights come up on a man lying on the floor. It’s an empty room with a wooden floor and empty walls. He’s bleeding heavily from a wound in his chest, and his blood is spreading beneath him and bubbling from his mouth. A woman walks in, dressed for an evening out. He reaches for her, eyes desperate, but she merely shakes her head and smiles sadly. She carefully sits near his head on a un-bloodied bit of floor]

It’s time that I left you.
It’s not you, it's me.
I’m sorry, 
that was mean.
But I’m finally free.

I need you to know that
this isn’t your fault
I hurt you
lied to you
Now to rub in the salt

This was never about you
This was always the plan
I think part of you always knew
You could have been any man

This all started long ago
Long before you were born
a wrong that
was done me
A hurt that I mourn

It wasn’t your money
I needed an in
You liked me
And trusted me
And that was your sin

This was never about you
You were always a fool
I think part of you always knew
You were only a tool

I don’t mean to blame you
You were good enough to me
It’s over now
I should go
I’ve someone to see

I have one thing to leave you
Just one thing that’s true
If I could
love anyone,
It would have been you

[The woman stands up and brushes off her clothes. The man, still unnamed, gurgles helplessly and twitches a hand after her as she leaves the room. She doesn’t look back. We follow her outside the door as she closes it behind her. She leans back against the door, face contorted in pain. She touches a locket that hangs around her neck, and looks like she’s about to take it off. In a jerky motion she hides the locket in her shirt and runs away.]

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