Good Boy pt 3

Sharon’s note: I like writing date scenes. Most date scenes in romance today just talk about how sexually attracted the characters are to one another and forego building chemistry all together. I miss chemistry, gosh darn it. Warning: Author is going for cute.

Sam was waiting for me at one of two tables inside the ‘cafe’. There was more seating outside, but it was mostly occupied by a group of old men smoking cigars and cheering a game of chess like it was a championship boxing match.

A little brass bell above the door jingled as I opened it. The inside of the shop smelled surprisingly good. Brewing coffee melded its aroma with the medley created by so many expensive cigars. The store was divided into thirds, with one counter for each of the products it sold. A skinny older woman with gray hair in a high ponytail and a flannel shirt two sizes too big for her scampered out from behind the coffee counter.

“Oh, oh, you must be Sammy’s date! Oh, it is so good to meet you-”

“Aunt Tam, please.” Sam rose from the table, mortification on his face. 

“It’s fine, sweetie.” She waved him off, and his shoulders dropped in defeat as he shot me apologies with his eyes. When she grabbed my hands, hers were warm and calloused. “I’m Tamera, and I’m so glad to meet you. Sammy’s been talking about this all morning. I’ve never seen him so excited.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear.” I smirked at him over her shoulder. He blushed and looked at the floor, making me want to squee. I returned my attention to Tamera. “I’m Jennefer.”

“Okay, Jennefer, you go have a seat, and I’ll bring out something delicious for you two.” She tapped my nose and pranced behind the coffee counter to a backroom. Shoulders shaking with silent laughter, I went to sit at Sam’s table.

“I am so, so sorry.” He dropped into his chair while rubbing a hand over his face.

“Why? She’s lovely.”

“Aunt Tam is lovely.” He nodded, expression pained. “She’s also pushy as hell.”

“I don’t know, it seems like you need someone running herd on you.” I laughed as he threw up his hands.

“That’s what she always says.” He crossed his arms. “I am a fully capable adult, you know. I have a job. I pay taxes. I do . . . other adult like stuff.”

“You ran up to the door of a woman you didn’t know and asked her out because you thought she was pretty.” I propped my elbows on the table and leaned forward to bat my eyelashes at him.

He pointed a finger at me with a wide grin. “I’ll have you know that was very mature. I didn’t run away, or pull your hair or anything.”

“Well, congrats on moving past kindergarten moves. Most guys never manage it.”

“Here we are! Two extra chocolaty iced mochas and two slices of my extra moist devil’s food chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting.” Tamera’s voice was sing song as she pushed her way through the back door with a loaded tray.

“Aunt Tam!” Sam jumped to his feet. “Let me get that for you.”

“Can your chivalry and sit down,” she barked. Sam dropped his but into the seat. Tamera grumbled as she put our food on the table, all while trying not to smile. “Cocky kid. I’ve been waiting tables and carrying crap heavier than him since before he was born. Thinks he needs to help the little old lady. I’ll show him who needs help. Now you two enjoy. I’ll be back to check on you in a little bit.”

She winked at me as she retreated into the back. My stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. 

Sam crossed his arms and tried to look broody. “I feel compelled to point out she’s not actually my aunt.”

“No?” I took a sip of my coffee. Extra chocolate indeed. It was just short of pudding consistency.

“She’s a friend of my dads.” He looked thoughtful. “I have a very large family. Most of us aren’t related, but we’re really close.”

“That’s cool.” I took a bite of cake. It was a good thing the frosting had a little salt, otherwise it would be too sweet to eat. “Your aunt doesn’t mess around when it comes to sweets, does she?”

He tried the cake and gagged. “No, no she does not.”

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