The Witcher Man’s Song

James’s Note: In the Witcher Man’s world, this was written by Daniel’s grandfather who was the first in the family to take up the job. In our world, it was writing this poem that inspired the Witcher Man stories.

I’ve a pistol in my pocket.

I’ve got pennies in my shoes.

There are crosses on my windows

And my door is painted blue.

Things dwell in the darkness

that aren’t seen by light of day

But I’m the one who watches

And who keeps the ghosts away.

I guard against the monsters

that are living ‘neath your bed.

I guard against the demons

that are living in your head.

I’ve walked through hungry fire

and I bear scars from the flame;

done battle with the Devil

and the beast that has no name.

Now I’m alive because I’ve learned

my lessons, one by one.

Like always wear a wild rose

And trust your father’s gun.

And pay no heed to prophets,

for they’re seldom what they seem.

Allways feed a hungry cat

and never trust a dream.

Don’t doubt a guard dog’s courage,

for his love will make him brave.

Don’t wish upon a falling star.

Don’t dance upon a grave.

I’ll never try to change the past.

I’ve chosen what I chose.

There’s a box I mustn’t open

and a door I mustn’t close.

I’m the one they’ll call for

when the sky begins to bleed.

I’m the one they turn to 

when the hounds of Hell are freed.

I’m the one who’ll help you

when there’s no one else who can.

I’m your last and only hope.

I am the Witcher Man.

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