Here’s Where We Start

Sharon’s Note: So I wrote this on a dare from my husband. I haven’t written poetry since high school, so if it’s bad, blame him. Warning: Potentially emo poetry.

 She couldn’t get up 
when the world made her fall,
so she got to her knees 
and started to crawl.

Pain shook its head 
with a pitying frown
“It would be so much easier 
if you’d just stay down.”

“No one would blame you 
if you were to stay.
If they were you, they’d 
take the easier way.”

“I would blame me,” 
She growled to her Pain.
“Because this is my court,
 and you do not reign.”

“I’ll not bow my head 
to something I feel.
It’s me that you serve, 
and to me that you’ll kneel.”

“Many submit,
if they feel they can’t win.
If you were to fight,
where would you begin?” 

Wiping the blood 
with the back of her hand,
she fought to her feet 
and made herself stand.

With tears in her eyes 
she braced with her heart,
And declared to her Pain,
 “So here’s where we start.”

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