Carnival Girl Pt 14

Once he got past the crowd, Jim could hear the sounds of battle that Wendy had warned him about. He raced through the maze of stalls and tents, so many more than there’d been in the day, always keeping the ferris wheel in sight. When he broke free into the open area around the wheel he skidded to a halt. There were more of those things from the haunted house, but now he could see them clearly. Lumbering frog men shabled around her, and her staff whipped around in a blur, cracking against limbs and skulls. They fell, one after another, but more shuffled out from between the buildings. Human bodies were scattered on the ground, being stumbled over by the monsters. 

Over the sounds of the battle, there were two screams coming from the control box. One was a woman and one was a baby. Oh crap, it was the mother on the ferris wheel from earlier.

“Wendy! Help them!” Jim pointed at the one of the frog things that had gotten past her,   and was heading for the mother.

She glanced back then shot me a thumbs up. She vaulted over one of the frog men and brought her staff on the head of the one heading for the control room. It crumpled to the ground and immediately began to melt. She cupped a hand to the side of her mouth and called, “Give me a second. I’ll clear the way for you.”

Jim nodded and stayed back, knife at the ready in case she needed him. She had to have been taking her time before, because she became a machine, quickly reducing the monstrous army to a giant puddle. She waved him out, and he resisted the urge to gag as he passed the foul smelling pool. 

“Is that all of them?” He scanned the buildings around them, ready for a fight. “Did you have to deal with any clown things?”

“Just one. There mostly seems to be these toad things.” She hung on her staff and gave him a grin. “It smells like you took one out, too. A human doing that all by themselves is really awesome. I’m proud of you, really, you’re amazing.”

“Thanks.” He smiled and tried not to blush. “So, are we done?”

Wendy sighed. “Oh, no. We still have to deal with whatever is running this place.”

“You mean the god or whatever?” Jim thought back on what she said.”Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of sacrifice?”

“What do you think this is?” She gestured at the bodies on the ground. “They didn’t manage to kill everyone, so the god will be weak.”

“Is it really a god?” Jim asked.

Wendy shrugged. “Maybe. What is a god? It really doesn’t matter. It will die like everything else, you just have to hit it enough.”

“What about them?” Jim nodded towards the woman and baby, who were still screaming at the top of their lungs. 

“I don’t know if it’s safe to take them to the entrance anymore.” Wendy bit her lip, studying the surroundings. “Tell you what, I have to concentrate on the bad guys I can hear coming. Do you want to sit in the booth with them? You can protect them in case anyone gets past me.”

“Yeah.” Jim could feel footsteps through the ground. Whatever was approaching, it was big. He hustled to the booth, knife at the ready.

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