The Trials of Marrying a Vampire: Home Decorating

Sharon’s note: The over arching themes of these particular stories is basically the importance of communication with your significant other. This starts with no matter what, remembering that you and your partner are on the same side against whatever the issue is. If it becomes an argument of you against them, that’s when problems start to snowball. Warning: A couple being disgustingly cute.

Jack raised an eyebrow when Anice pranced proudly into the living room. “What are you so happy about?”

“I found the perfect thing to hang in the front hall at a resale shop today. You are going  to help me get it out of the car, and then we are going to hang it.” Anice smirked and crossed her arms.

“And what is this perfect for our hallway? You’ve been looking for something to put there ever since we repainted, so it must be pretty special.”

“It’s the most beautiful antique mirror. It . . .”

“Anice, babe, you know better than that.” Jack sighed heavily, and walked over to put his hands on her shoulders. “Antique mirrors are usually silver backed and silver doesn’t reflect vampires. We can’t have something that outs me as the undead right at the front door.”

Anice pulled away, her face portraying agitation and a little bit of hurt. “Do you honestly think I’m that stupid? I knew about the uses of silver backed mirrors long before I met you. The mirror I got is perfect because it’s copper. Yeah, I got it because it’s pretty, but also it’s a good way to throw off someone who’s not savvy, but still suspicious.”

Jack winced. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I know that you know better, and I would never think you were stupid. Forgive me?”

“Always.” Anice snorted. “I take it you were working with that new human ‘intern’ at work today. You usually only over explain the undead stuff when you’ve spent too much time with him.”

“Right in one.” Jack rolled his eyes. “Honestly, the boy is a moron, on top of being ignorant. I can explain the supernatural to him till the sun comes up, but it does absolutely no good if he retains none of it.”

“Well, either he’ll learn, he’ll annoy you boss enough to finally scrub his memory and kick him out, or the idiot will get himself killed.”

“Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping for the later?”

“Yeah, probably.” Anice clapped her hands. “Anyway, come on. We have a mirror to hang, and if we get it done soon enough there might just be some funny business in your future.”

Jack perked up at this, and followed his wife out to the car. He opened the back hatch and lifted up the blanket that was wrapped around the mirror to sneak a peek. He sucked on his lower lip before saying, “Babe?”


“You know I love you and I normally think your tastes are exquisite, right?”

Anice visibly deflated a little. “You don’t like it?”

Jack hesitated, trying to find kind words before giving up and admitting, “It’s hideous.”

“Like on a scale from one to ten. . .”

“Like it’s a twenty-four. I really hate it. It looks like someone tried to cut a sun shape out of a giant copper plate with tin snips. If you really want to hang it . . .”

“No, no.” Anice waved off his placations. “I’ll see if I can take it back tomorrow, but you owe me a trip to the furniture store to find something we both like.”

“Deal.” Jack grabbed her around the shoulder and kissed her forehead.

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  1. D’awwww! Disgusting cuteness! The quintissential “Honey, is it bad if I…?” conversation! I’m really enjoying this pair of characters, thank you!


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