The Writers

Sharon and James Gray are a husband and wife writing team. This page features their works, including poetry, short stories and micro-fiction.

Sharon Gray

Sharon is a thirty-something Texas transplant who fell in love with dark fantasy when she was a kid, and never fell out. For the past few years she’s been battling multiple sclerosis. During this time she’s rediscovered her love for writing, gotten her second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and learned the dangerous skill of baking.

Warning: Will bake cookies at a moment’s notice.

James Gray

James, a.k.a Wes, is a thirty something Texas Native who started writing poetry and fiction long before either was any good. His interest in everything from martial arts, to homesteading and permaculture have a tendency to creep into his writing in the strangest places.

Warning: Has been known to recite poetry without provocation.

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